Offline InstallationΒΆ

ade-cli provides facilities to install ADE (ade-cli, ADE base image, and ADE volumes) on a machine without an internet connection:

  1. On a machine with an internet connection and the same architecture as the target machine, run:

    $ cd adehome/path/to/.aderc
    $ ade start
    $ ade save ./offline-install
    $ tar cf ade-offline-install.tar ../offline-install
  2. Copy ade-offline-install.tar to the target machine

  3. On the target machine, run:

    $ tar xf ade-offline-install.tar
    $ mv ./offline-install/ade path/in/PATH
    $ mv offline-install ~/ade-home
    $ cd ~/ade-home
    $ ade load .
    $ touch .adehome
    $ ade start