Configuring ADE with environment variables

For every ade command’s arguments, there is a corresponding environment variable that can be used to configure each argument’s default behavior. The environment variables follow the following pattern ADE_[ADE_COMMAND]_[OPTION_OR_ARGUMENT].

In addition to the command-specific variables, the ADE_NAME can be used to change the name of the ADE instance. This variable is especially useful when Starting multiple ADE instances at once.

For example, the default behavior of ade start is just to start the container, but often, it is desired to also enter the container directly after starting, so ade start has the --enter option:

$ ade start --enter
ade$ # Inside ADE prompt

It is possible to set the default behavior of ade start by setting the ADE_START_ENTER variable:

$ export ADE_START_ENTER=true
$ ade start
ade$ # Inside ADE prompt

To make the configuration permanent, add the export to:

  • The ~/.bashrc file on the host, for personal configurations

  • The .aderc file on the project, for project-wide configuration, see The .aderc File