Starting ADE with macvlan network configurationΒΆ

In situations where ADE needs to communicate with external resources (e.g., sensors), it is possible to use a Macvlan network to assign the ADE container a MAC address, such that the container appears to be physically connected to the network interface. Macvlan gives the advantage of allowing the container to be isolated from the host while appearing as a physical device on the network.

To use Macvlan, follow the offical Docker documentation to create a docker network (e.g. pub_net), then run ade start with an extra Docker arguments: e.g

  1. On the host create a macvlan network:

    $ docker network create -d macvlan --subnet --gateway -o parent=eno1 pub_net

    The subnet and gatewar must match the local network settings

  2. Start ade with pub_net and an unused IP address:

    $ ade start -- --net=pub_net --ip=

3. To avoid typing the arguments every time, add the option to ADE_DOCKER_RUN_ARGS in the .aderc: e.g,

export ADE_IMAGES="